Message from the Founder.

Baba Puranmal Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered on 29th June, 2015 for uplifting the underprivileged children, especially in the field of education. As a social responsibility, our focus is to bring their dreams into reality by strengthing them to face the challenges & realities of life. Underprivileged children are the major grey area in the society which needs immediate attention of all the people living in the society for their development as a whole. Therefore, we, a group of like-minded & self motivated individuals thought of doing a bit with an objective of empowering the underprivileged children under the ‘ Mission Education’.

BABA PURANMAL FOUNDATION (NGO) based at Gurgaon (Haryana) and has already started uplifting the less privileged children – orphaned, abandoned, destitute and other vulnerable groups as per their basic need. The Foundation’s focus is on enabling access to amenities mainly education and healthcare, necessary skill to transform them into responsible citizens etc. BPF is literally means a pledge, “A pledge to give opportunities to less fortunate!” Few members of the NGO ' Baba Puranmal Foundation ' including its President, Mr. Deepak Goel are already contributing towards their school fee, books, uniforms etc . to uplift the less privelegde childern as a social responsibility towards society.

Baba Puranmal Foundation has also deployed professional talented & experienced hands to make the Mission Education successful at a large scale all over India so that necessary help can be extended at the maximum to the deserving children after necessary identification of genuineness & monitoring thereon on regular basis. BPF is committed to carry out all its related activities in the spirit & objective of Mission Education & dedication to hard work passionately. Our Foundation is not affiliated to any religious or political organisation.

Presently we have limited funds but to make successful this Mission Education for the underprivileged children, we need your financial and moral support. Therefore, volunteer are welcome to join us to work on a project or donate.

Warm Regards,

Deepak Goel

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